There is a number of publicly access walks along this waterway, which original purpose was to facilitate horses drawing craft behind them, which were laid with freight (grains, flour, wood, etc…). Some stretches of these are easily access. This original towpart is been considered as a possible route option, which the been developed Boyne Greenway may follow. Information on its progress can be followed on the Boyne Greenway twitter and Meath Co. Co. official consultation page.

Navan – Stackallen (8 k.m.):

This has been written about in both the Irish Times, Irish Independent and Walking book by Lenny Antonelli. It was upgraded with a fresh surface back in 2019 and seating was added along it too.


Slane section

Lock 8 – Slane Guard Lock:


Lock 7 – Morgan’s/  Lock:


Newgrange section

Lock  4 – Upper area, (Roughgrange):

This area is been voluntarily maintained by a local community group, of the area. Period photos from along it and work that they are carrying out on it feature on their Facebook page.

Lower area (Staleen):


Oldbridge section

Lock 2 – Guardlock:


Lock 1 – Sealock:


This is now part of the been developed Boyne Greenway.