Oldbridge section (Lock 1 and 2), Lower Newgrange (Lock 3), Upper Newgrange (Lock 4), Slane section (Locks 7 and 8) and Navan section (Lock 16, 17 and 18) https://wordpress.org/support/topic/setting-custom-anchor-link/

Oldbridge section: (Locks 1 & 2):

Lock 1Oldbridge Sealock : The Lockgates were handmade by our group. It took about 4 years, taking into account our grouped on Saturday every two weeks to achieve this feat. These gates were installed over the period between 2010 and 2012.

Lock 2Oldbridge Guardlock:  Lockgates were installed there during May bank holiday weekend 2017, To speed up our work, these gates were made by a local fabricator, Michael Blacks. Photos of such work can be found on our group’s Facebook presence.

The Oldbridge section is very much at a stage where ongoing maintenance (i.e. grass cutting, cutting back of into the channel and clearance of tree branches that have fallen in due to storms).

Lower Newgrange section (Lock 3 – Staleen, Donore, Co. Meath):

Our group installed Lockgates here on the 30th May 2019, in the space of a couple of hours. These Lockgates were once again manufactured by an external company, to speed up our work.

We have also been working on building up a stonewall canal bank immediately above it.

Upper Newgrange section (Lock 4 – Rossnaree, Co. Meath):

A local community group in Rossnaree have adopted the towpath (walkway) on this section. They started carrying out their work in about 2017. They maintain the hedging, growth which borders it and have maintained grass growth too. They have added seating along this section and picnic benches to a car park at the upper end of it. Their work can be followed here.

Slane section (Locks 7 and 8):

There is one person on a TÚS programme, maintaining this section. Work has contentrated on keeping growth of bordering hedge way between these locks.

It would be great to establish a local group to carry out such further maintanence work. Time will tell regarding this. We’d gladly facilating them with an internet presence too, so their work can be followed.

Navan section (Locks 16 and 17):

We have a subgroup working on this section. They carry out their work on this section. Their work can range of clearance of growth, branches and trees that fall into the waterway. They have also concentrated work between Locks 16,  17 and up as far as the harbour up by the former Spicer’s flour Mill. They have also carried out to staplise the Lockhouse at Rowley’s Lock. Keep an eye on their Facebook presence here.